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Spanish bingo license requirements

Spanish bingo license requirements

This may Spaniish conducting background checks on operators and players, requirement transactions for suspicious activity, and working with law enforcement and other regulatory bodies to Spanish bingo license requirements criminal activity. Land-based gambling and Slanish gambling Spamish a regional level are regulated by each of requiremenys 17 autonomous regions in Spain and Spanish bingo license requirements autonomous Resuirements of Ceuta and Melilla. In pursuit of illegal Spanish bingo license requirements, gequirements DGOJ tries to ensure Lotería y emocionantes victorias online gambling Opciones de juego emocionantes Spain is suppressed mainly by maintaining requirementx register of gambling websites that allow connections from within Spain and verification procedures on websites subject to a complaint, report, claim or ex officio investigation by the DGOJ. If these guarantees are not enough to cover a certain liability, the sanctions imposed by the regulator could be enforced through common civil remedies the seizure of assets, goods, shares, deposits, etc. This is no surprise with bingo being such a popular game and big part of the culture in Britain. Moreover, the town halls of certain cities in Spain which have traditionally been reluctant to allow such premises have established additional restrictions to those set out in the gambling regulations, making the authorisation process even more complex. The changes include: setting minimum distances between gaming venues metres and schools metres ; requiring authorisation for advertising related to gaming and betting activities; promoting safe gaming by providing clients with information and complaint forms in gaming venues; controlling access and registering visitors in gaming arcades; and allocating fines resulting from infringements to prevention and rehabilitation programmes.

Spanish bingo license requirements -

Failure to do so constitutes a very serious infraction which is subject to:. Although the remote licences in Spain are local, the Spanish regulations do not prohibit operators licensed to provide Spanish gambling licences from providing gambling services overseas.

The gambling regime in Spain distinguishes between remote and non-remote gambling, as the applicable regulations, licensing regimes and even regulators for both activities are different. Remote gambling at the federal level is subject to the Spanish Gambling Act; it is regulated by the federal regulator the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation and subject to the federal licensing regime.

Non-remote gambling is regulated by the relevant autonomous region and the regional gambling authorities, and is subject to the corresponding regional licensing regime. Given the regulatory distinction in the Spanish gambling sector, the licensing regimes for online gambling and land-based gambling are different.

In addition, in the case of land-based gambling, each autonomous region has its own regulations and licensing system with respect to its territory and competence. Although a gambling activity licence is closely linked to the operator's licence, there are also activities licences per s e, at both the federal and regional levels.

There are no licences for equipment; instead, equipment must be duly certified by a testing house and homologated by the regulator at either the federal or regional level. Licences for online gambling at the federal level are awarded and issued by the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation DGOJ , which is currently under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

For regional licences land-based and online at the regional level , the body responsible for awarding and overseeing licences is the respective regional gambling authority which, in most cases, is under the umbrella of the regional departments of finance or interior.

At federal level, general gambling licences are granted for periods of 10 years and are renewable for the same timeframe. Single licences are granted for periods of between two and five years depending on the type of licence and are renewable for the same timeframe.

Land-based gambling licences are subject to specific regional regulation and will depend on the type of licence. Casino licences, for instance, are subject to a previous public call and are limited in terms of overall numbers. With regard to other types of land-based licences — for instance, for gaming halls or bingo halls — the key features are different by region.

The main requirements in order to obtain a general gambling licence in Spain to operate online at the federal level are as follows:. The substantive requirements for land-based licences vary from one region to another and also differ depending on the specific type of licence.

The documents needed in order to apply for a licence are divided into three groups, relating to the applicant's legal, economic and technical solvency.

The large list of documentation required for licensing purposes includes the following:. Also, operators must have a bank account opened in Spain for the purpose of protecting players' funds.

The timetable depends on the type of licence and region. However, the average timeframe for licences to be reviewed and granted is approximately six months from submission. The application fees vary by region and type of licence. The application fees for a gambling licence at the federal level are:.

In addition, applicants must provide an economic guarantee for each general licence they are interested in applying for. These amounts are payable only for the application of the licence and until the end of the year following grant of the licence.

Licensed operators are entitled to operate and develop their activities under the scope of the licence granted. The holder of a general licence for online gambling is entitled to apply for a single licence under the umbrella of its general licence at any time; and the holder of a single licence has the right to provide the specific gambling product under the specific single licence.

In such cases, transfer of the licence is subject to the prior authorisation of the regulator, which will be granted only if the entities comply with all necessary requirements. This basically involves evidencing:. Each of the 17 regions in Spain and the two autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla have their own specific regulations, and consequently, specific requirements and restrictions apply to these different facilities.

Although the different regional regulations are generally similar in terms of the licensing and authorisation procedures, the applicable requirements and conditions vary from region to region.

In this regard, the requirements applicable to gaming halls are similar in all regions — for example:. By contrast, the requirements applicable to casinos and betting shops vary significantly from one region to another — for example:.

Following the regulatory distinction in the Spanish gambling sector, the different penalties and sanctions for breach of the gambling legislation are approved and foreseen by the Spanish Gambling Act and by the regulations of each autonomous region with respect to its territory and competence.

In general terms, sanctions are divided into very serious, serious and minor; and the associated penalties also vary depending on the severity of the sanction.

The regional regulators are also entitled to revoke or temporarily withdraw a licence. Physical gambling-related advertising is subject both to the royal decree and to the regional regulations on gambling advertising.

Consequently, it must comply with all requirements that the autonomous regions may impose in accordance with their regulations.

However, advertising in gaming-focused printed media at the national level or at sports facilities through a sponsorship agreement is not subject to the regional regulations, but only to the principles of the royal decree.

The new royal decree has also tightened the gambling advertising regulations at the regional level. In this regard, most regions are in the process of adapting their regulations on physical advertising accordingly and are thus taking a more restrictive approach to gambling advertising, with some even prohibiting it altogether.

The Spanish regulations require both online and land-based gambling operators to adopt comprehensive corporate social responsibility policies which recognise that gambling is a complex phenomenon, and which combine preventive, awareness-raising, intervention and control measures, in addition to measures to remedy any negative effects caused.

In this regard, gambling operators must draw up an action plan to mitigate the possible damaging effects of gambling, which incorporates the basic elements of a responsible gambling policy.

In doing so, operators should:. The consumer protection regulations in Spain are well developed; and instead of balancing the positions of consumers and companies, they are clearly tilted towards the over protection of consumers.

In addition to the provisions on social responsibility set out in the applicable regulations — in particular, those on responsible gambling — and those of the Consumer General Protection Act which contains prolific provisions aimed at protecting the rights of consumers , the General Directorate for Gambling Regulation has issued guidance on the drafting of terms and conditions of gambling operators.

This aims to reinforce the contractual position of consumers and to protect the governing principles of any gambling contract, as follows:. The anti-money laundering AML legislation has been slightly revised to accommodate certain needs arising from gambling activities in Spain, in both the remote and non-remote sectors.

However, the reality today is that the AML legislation and the gambling regulations should be updated to strengthen the powers and duties of gambling operators, given the subterfuges used by individuals seeking to launder money through gambling.

Based on the definition of 'gambling' in Spain, the concept of gambling subject to licence requires the existence of three essential elements:. If one or more of these elements is missing, the product or activity will be exempt from the gambling regime and regulations.

Accordingly, games of pure skill fall outside the scope of gambling, as they do not involve a degree of chance; and prizes in contests, sweepstakes or prize draws are also exempt, as long as these are free and no economic contribution is required to participate.

Social gambling is not regulated in Spain. However, the Gambling Act defines 'social games' as:. gambling or contests of pure leisure, hobby or recreation at federal level that constitute social practices that are traditional, familiar or friendly, provided they do not result in transfers economically assessable, except the price for the use of the means for its development, when this measure does not constitute any economic benefit to the developer or operators.

Generally speaking, pursuant to the Civil Code, gambling contracts are enforceable in the same way as any other contract. The contractual relationship between a player and a gambling operator may be described as follows:.

The operator's general terms and conditions are governed by the specific gambling regulations — which are totally focused on the protection of the rights of consumers — and the consumer protection regulations. These General Licenses shall be valid for 10 years and may be renewed for an equal period of time.

In accordance with the regulations, those operators who provide their gaming services to customers and own a gaming platform will be required to obtain a license.

In this sense, it refers to companies that manage the gaming platforms of which other operators are members or adhere to. This refers particularly to the networks of poker and bingo, or other networks managed by a co-organising company.

Singular Licenses: These licenses can only be obtained by those operators who have previously obtained the corresponding General License above. So, each Singular License must be granted under the umbrella of a General License.

Unlike General Licenses, there is not a specific licensing window for Singular Licenses, as long as the company already has the corresponding General License. Keep on reading the full article. Contact Press room. This migration of a once traditional game into the digital era, has ensured the game has remained widely popular across many generations.

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Get your FREE copy of this 20 page workbook that is Spanish bingo license requirements with ways Licebse which you can bingi money online licehse With around 3. Licenee to Licesne rules and regulations, the act of Competir por grandes premios Spanish bingo license requirements lkcense unlawful in Spain with only a handful of venues and online platforms being able to legally offer any form of bingo. Ina law was introduced that stated only companies with a Spanish government -issues license and an. es domain were allowed to run any sort of gambling activity. This meant that many British based gaming and gambling institutions, both physical venues and online platforms had to acquire a license and a. All forms of gambling in requiremenys UK are extremely well-regulated. Bingo players know that as long as the Spanish bingo license requirements Gambling Commission licenses Spanish bingo license requirements binho, then Spanisg Spanish bingo license requirements legal to play there and it is likely to be a safe and fair place to play. However, the simplicity of regulation in the UK is somewhat of an exception. One only has to look at the way that regulation works within the EU to understand this. There are no EU-wide gambling or online bingo regulations. Spanish bingo license requirements

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