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Slots de zonas protegidas

Slots de zonas protegidas

Si sabes Jugar en línea por dinero un archivo que potegidas interesado en tener estas entrevistas, enviarnos un correo. Films by Yueh-Chou Holearn about his anthropological research here. We will be sure to let you know if we find any helpful information.

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They had someone that could speak in English on the phone to me and I had everything confirmed via email within a couple hours of that phone call. Thanks for the extra advice. I ended up calling vertice two hours one day without success then got the line right away next morning and they were really nice and my reservations were completed and paid for by the evening.

We are now all set to do the W 🙂. I have tried calling so many times too! I will call first thing in the morning tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Hi, Thank you for all the info. One question, its written that the Laguna Amarga to Seron trail is closed this season, but you are talking about doing it anyway if I well understand?

Hi Alice. Hi, thank you for your answer, so if I want to do the O starting in laguna amarga in the direction of Seron, I have to go through Torres? Question about reservations with Vertice… I have had no luck locating the page on their site to reserve campsites.

They seem to imply that I must now reserve via email. I have been sending them emails and trying to call them this week with no luck. I have already booked the Fantástico Sur campsites for my friend and I do to the W at the start of December but I still need to book Paines Grandes… then I plan to carry on with the O by myself but, since Vertice owns that side of the park, it has been a painful waiting game.

Hi everyone! We are specifically looking to book Refugio Grey and Refugio Paine Grande through Vertice. Thanks in advance!! Taylor, thanks for the note.

Since my post is took roughly a month to hear back from them for booking the campsites but they did finally get back to me. My trip is next week so I think I am set on the itinerary. I am learning that patience and persistence is the key. I speak no Spanish so that slight barrier does make it a bit challenging but not impossible.

I was just on the CONAF site and it had an update on there. Thanks for the update, Marissa! I really appreciate it. Hi Stephen. Hard to say exactly why! Your option is either to stay at Chileno a bit pricey or the Torres camp owned by Fantastico Sur requires an early wakeup.

we got almost the same problems everybody has. just two questions: is it possible to walk the w-trek the other way round? i managed to book camp central at the first night, then camp frances for the following night.

what i need know is my booking confirmation for camp paine grade and camp grey for the last two nights. i ll try to call again later. there is just a strange beep right now. the other question is: if i didnt get camp paine grande and camp grey, we thought about booking a second night at camp frances, just walk up to mirador britanico and get back later.

and then for the last night, just walk to camp grey without reservation. do you think its possible to just be very sorry for have no reservation and just pay double or something? thanks for answering!! we are kind of desperate, as we already booked our flights from germany… Date for the Trek should be November.

To answer your first question: Yes! It is possible to hike the W-Trek in reverse. As for reservations, I understand all the camps have a one night limit. Good luck! Hi Taylor, thanks for the fast reply! there is no one night limit for the fantasticosur camps — i tried to book the second night in frances and it worked.

so we got our first three nights safe… we will just try as you said. get to puerto natales and try to book at the vertice office… this blog really is great by the way.

Vertice has been horrible replying to me too. I am in the same boat. Is popping into the offices a viable option? I am looking to do the same as the reservation system has been a mess. Is there a step by step to actually booking? I click on the campsites and nothing happens.

Hey Kate. I checked on FantasticoSur today and it looks like their booking engine is undergoing a revamp. Unfortunately, your only choice for now is to email them at ventas3 fantasticosur.

Hope this helps! I have emailed them with no response. Any suggestions on what I should do? Hi Andy! I emailed Vertice and FantasticoSur a couple of weeks back. I never heard back from Vertice, but FantasticoSur said that availability would come available the end of May.

When are you planning your trip? Hiking the O route. The Conaf website only allows you to book sites so far in advance. Once you get past early December it says the dates are too far in advance. Thanks for your blog, I appreciate the information trying to figure this out.

Hi there! I am not sure what other information I hope to gain because you all have already provided so much, but I am struggling with Vertice reservations. My flights are booked and I hope to complete the O Trek December January 1.

FantasticoSur responded promptly and was easy to book. I emailed Erratic Rock also on the off-chance they have insight.

Any suggestions or tips? Also, as my timeframe is somewhat crunched, are you familiar with a direct transfer from Punta Arenas airport to Erratic Rock?

Thank you so much for your blog and insight! Hi Cara. It sounds like everyone is struggling with Vertice. Someone above mentioned they got a faster reply by emailing in Spanish — perhaps you can give that a try? As for the transportation, you can easily take transport from the airport in Punta Arenas straight to Puerto Natales.

Hello, I can just add that I struggle with Vertice. I tried their facebook, twitter, yesterday I even send a postcard and I have contacted CONAF in the region if they can help me. Fingers crossed to everyone and thanks for news.

Hi there, I just left a comment on another post actually, because I ran into the same problem as Andy F. I looked for campsites on Vertice today for October and Novemeber, and everything came up as sold out. I really want to do the W this fall, and just about fell out of my chair thinking perhaps everything was already booked up this far in advance.

Hey, Jaz! I just reached out to Vertice again via email. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment! Hi there, has anyone had luck with booking through Vertice or FantasticSur yet?

Has anyone had any luck booking with FantasticoSur via email, given their online booking system is still not up and running? Hey Julia! I just got an update from one of the gear rental shops in town. I emailed both FantasticoSur and Vertice this month and got a reply albeit slow.

Fantástico Sur Treks and Lodging W Trek — Torres del Paine Patagonia — Chile T: 56 61 2 ventas3 fantasticosur. Thanks for sharing the update, Tom! Fingers crossed they keep the commitment to email you. Hope your trip planning goes smoothly! Hi Tom, Now that is is July, I am trying to book camping spots on the W circuit.

I am unable to access the reservation pages for the reasons everyone has stated above. Have you had any luck with the start of July? Same problem here, both with the website of Vertice and FantasticoSur.. Hoping an email will help! Just an update! Did you book via email? No word from fantastico.

What dates did you get with Vertice Claire? We have sent them multiple emails over the last couple of months trying to get space in their refugios in mid Nov and we finally got a response this morning saying that they are fully booked on the dates we wanted.

Wow, really, Daniel? Have you looked into doing the trek in reverse? Another pretty trusty strategy is to check back. Is anyone traveling around the same time?

If so, have we missed the boat for reservations? Hi Maggie. Hi Maggie, I booked with Vertice for late December last week. Thanks for letting me know.

Do you mind sharing the email that responded to you? Did you book individual nights or some king of package? I booked two individual nights for the camping with rental of a tent and camping gear.

I sent them an email with the specific nights and campsites I wanted dec th and what gear I needed. They back on July 12th with a detailed bill and booking conditions.

Once I agreed, they sent me the paiment link. Update…It looks like Camp Torres is not available next season!!! Hi everybody, We also planed to do the W treck in october. I have contacted directly CONAF for explanations regarding the Camp Torres.

For the next season the Torres Camp will be closed, only the Paso and Italiano Camps, which are the free CONAF sites, will be enabled. Services in concessioned and private areas must be reserved directly by users in the respective companies, as depending on your itinerary on the trails, you may have to book more than one camp.

com — ventas fantasticosur. On the same page you will find the information necessary to plan your trip in a better way: rates, access, what to do, downloadable map with distances and times of travel of trails, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us again. Hoping to cooperate with your concern, greet you. Hi Christophe. Thanks for sharing this update! Fantastico Sur is open for reservations. E-mail ventas3 fantasticosur. Pretty janky process. Another update!

I emailed both vertice and fantastico sur last week to book campsites in January. No word back from fantastico sur yet, but I did receive the following email from Vertice:. I inform you that the website will be operational in a couple of days, so you can make your reservations online.

Please be attentive. Let me know how it goes, Ryan! Just wondering if anything is experiencing the same issues at the moment? I am having trouble booking with Fantastico Sur and getting any response from them. Has anyone had any difficulties booking Camp Chileno as Camp Torres is closed?

When I try to book it is not even an option on the reservations page. After several emails to Fantastico Sur, they emailed me back a word doc form to fill out for reservations. I filled it out and actually got a reservation confirmation from them.

I also got the same response from Vertice as Ryan did. Hopefully their website becomes available for reservations soon, not sure how much longer I can handle the uncertainty lol. Best of luck everyone. Hey Andy, Thanks for getting back to me. I just got the same emails from both Vertice and Fantastico Sur as you and Ryan did.

Very frustrating about the cost but looks that there is no other option! Just wondering how did you pay for the reservation? Or are you paying later. Thanks again, Mel. Hi Andy, Did you have the get the premium platformas when you booked with them through e-mail? I was hoping to just reserve a campsite space.

Liz, I did reserve the Premium Platformus for El Chileno when I booked with them over email. Previously no dates for after november were selectable and I think only had some refugios options. for vertice pantagonia reservations e. perros, paine grande, not available in their website they also had just responded to my email they are updating their site too, and their site still displays they are to be updating.

I inform you that the website will be operational in a few days, so you can make your reservations online. Liz it seems they only offer Chileno Platform Premium sites when you receive the booking form from Fantastico Sur, or look on the website, and you cannot just book camping sites.

You can only book full board as well and the prices are sky high. Interestingly on the emailed booking form, you can book a campsite at Seron, but on the website it only allows you to pay for the expensive Platform Premium option.

The website also only allows you to pay in USD rather than CLP which is an option on the booking form. I have not been successful in Fantastico getting back to me about my booking form despite me mailing it to them last week. Bit of a nightmare really! Hey Mel, I just finally heard back from fantastico sur about my order this morning about a week after I submitted it.

I sent them a couple of follow up emails to check in on it. Not sure if that helped move things along or not. I also have had no luck with vertice, but yea the email they sent today fantasticosur says chileno and cuernos are only full board I confirmed my reservations with fantasticosur.

Hey, Torres Central has Sitios right now. Thanks once again for such an insightful post! According to my own research, it appears that booking on refugio campsite grounds allows you access to their showers, kitchen, and bathrooms. My questions for you are: 1 How on earth did you do laundry while touring?

Did you have time to do laundry at all? Hi everyone. We are in the same shoes with my girlfriend, banging my head against crappy websites, emails without responses, random rules and terrible official communication … I am loosing my nerves to the point I want to skip Torres altogether.

Is it worth to play the game of a bunch of exploiting local companies and incompetent governance that obviously care more about the money than their guests. This truly saddens me. We want to do the O circle starting 30th of September. This is what we know so far: — Serron is closed until 1st Octobre, Fantastico Sur stating that it is then impossible to camp there.

Not sure, but I think that people are doing O circuit even in low-season, so they must camp somewhere. Does anyone have any info on this? Will call them in the next days. This is beyond ridiculous. But this is very far away, making it nearly impossible to see the sunrise — or even sunset at Torres except for those who can spend Very sad.

This all got me so very angry I am thinking either to skip this broken paradise or just not reserve a single camp anymore, go there and hassle. I booked Fantastico through their website without any issue, and got a confirmation through Vertice. Anyone know how to pay?

Did you figure anything out from them? Hi Jodi! I am curious approximately how long it took Vertice to respond to your inquiry. I heard back from Fantastico right away. I am on week 4 of no response from Vertice.

I submitted the only request for reservation and received the confirmation in my email. My flights are booked and I plan to be there December January 1, so the lack of confirmation is making me nervous! Thank you! Hi there, thanks for this great guide! I was wondering, is it necessary to book the double platforms when booking for two people sharing one tent , or can you just book the single platform?

These websites are terribly confusing. Hi Jess! Did you ever find the answer to this? Hi Sten, Michaela, and Jess. I checked with Erratic Rock and they confirmed that single platform is still for a two person tent.

Did you figure it out yet? I have the same question! It is very confusing. Then you have to choose QTY. I am thinking Choice 1 and then QTY 2 for two people sharing a tent.

Can anyone confirm this is correct? Hey Nathan, sorry for the delay! Which campsite are you looking at? Hi Taylor, Thanks for the reply and for all this great info. I quickly bookmarked the site when we started planning.

Also interesting about Perros to Paine Grande. We face the same challenge because Vertice is impossible to book and clearly Grey is full-up. Current plan is actually to take the Hotel Lago Grey boat from Grey to extract at the end of the trip, rather than keep walking down from Grey. Is it true that the O circuit is not open until November?

Hi Elise. Are you planning to go on your own or were you expecting to do a tour? Vertice: After completing the online reservation form, they sent me a confirmation email that showed the details of reservation, and instructions indicating you need to pay with webpay within 48 hours.

Three days later, I received another email with a link that connected me to webpay where I was able to pay for the sites online.

That gave me the final confirmation. Fantastico Sur: I reserved this through email, but it looks like their website is now working. I got screwed into paying full board for El Chileno, but I want to see the Torres at sunrise and with Camp Torres closed it was really the only option.

But confident it will be worth it. Hopefully the worst is over for you, pal! I just wanted to check that there is no alternative to staying at Chileno.

The price seems so ridiculous!! Thanks for the great post, Taylor. I have a couple of follow up questions I hoped you might be able to answer.

Do you have any idea how long I should give it? In short, my plan is to be at Vertice Grey on the first night and Paine Grande on the second — it looks like I can book these through Vertice Patagonia at the moment.

I originally wanted to stay at Los Cuernos on the 3rd night. Far from ideal but I want to be able to see the sunrise.

Would this work as an alternative? Hi David. Stick it out, and I swear the trek will be worth it. Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck with your trip.

Thanks for the response, Taylor. Is this something you have any experience of? If you decide not to do the full W, have you considered staying for a few nights at Torres Central?

The park is a bit far to do repeat day trips, but the hikes are doable in a day! Hey Taylor! How long does it typically take them to respond regarding reservations? Your blog has been so helpful! Really appreciate it. To be honest, it varies. Let me know how it goes! Just an update. I received my confirmation finally from Vertice but it took them almost a week to actually give me the details of how to Web Pay.

I did send them a reminder email at about 72 hours so that may help. Fantastico Sur seems to be running smoothly through the website, however I noticed there website only allows you to pay for the Platform Premium option at Seron, where as on their list of rates they have a cheaper camping option at Seron.

For this reason we paid via the website for Chileno, and then emailed them for a booking form for Seron and sent it back via email. Was a bit more tedious but I was so frustrated at there money grabbing tactics with Chileno that I stubbornly did it through email.

Still waiting for the official email confirmations for CONAF and not sure how long that it will take but appears we have temporary reservations for Feb. Best of luck everyone, sure it will be worth it!

im going in november have tried to book paine grande and the grey site through verticepatagonia. they sent and email confirming it and that i must pay within 48 hours otherwise i lose the booking. but in the email they dont tell you how to pay give you no link to go to and i have trawled their website for days and cannot find out how to pay.

its so frustrating!! thinking of giving up now. can anyone help on how i can pay them so i can reserve my booking?? Hi Nick! I never got so far with Vertice, but Fantastico Sur asked me to send them my Card Number and Expiry Date via email — not ideal!

Another option might be to pay via Bank Transfer — did they include any attachments in your email? First, thank you for such a helpful blog! This has been one of the BEST sources of information about camping in TDP. I wanted to pass along some information. It looks like you can book the free campsite through the CONAF website ~6 months in advance.

We just booked a campsite for late February and did not have to wait until October to do so. Also, if anyone has any tips of receiving the payment information from Vertice that would be greatly appreciated.

It appears that we all are having a similar issue with only receiving the initial confirmation email. Hi Kristin. I remember the campsites being kind of a nightmare to book.

Thanks for the tip about the CONAF sites! As for Vertice, the comments have been pretty active on this post. Perhaps check back in a few days and see if anyone has had luck? If you hear back, feel free to note it here. Appreciate your comment and best of luck! Currently going through the same struggles that everyone else appears to be going through in regards to Vertice.

Received a confirmation e-mail 10 days ago, instructing me to provide them with some general details so that they could then send a link to pay via WebPay…I am yet to receive a link still. Does anyone know why it takes so long for them to process the bookings? I am going to try and call them tonight and will keep this post updated with progress.

Good luck everyone! Good things take time 🙂. Hi Jason! Good luck with your booking. That makes sense. Hi Taylor. Great advice.

Quick question. We 2 intend to do the W trek in mid October Do you think it will be ok to book in person when we arrive in Puerto Natales as its so early in the season?? Many thanks. Hi Alison. I also went in a shoulder season late March and found that most things were still sold out well in advance.

The W Trek has a lot more availability than the O Circuit, but in recent years, the demand has far exceeded the availability. Hi again Taylor More help needed please. I am trying to book W trek. CONAF web site just keeps coming up Unavailable, any other way to contact them. Ridiculous We only want a camp spot as we are carrying all our own gear.

Is this possible? Many thanks again Alison. I contacted Fantastico by email, they are not offering a camping only option only the full board. We also will be carrying our own gear, Yes we are getting ripped, not sure what else we can do.

Called vertice after waiting 8 business days. She kept saying they have 7 business days so they still have time to respond. Anyway, I feel stuck. Can I just pitch a tent anywhere?

Hey Sam. Eh, we are fully booked with tickets, campsites, etc. Very helpful post Taylor. I am doing the O circuit in January Same problems as others. Patagonia Sur and CONAF were easy to book online. I switched out Torres for Chileno because of the Torres closure. Vertice Patagonia was harder to book.

I made the reservation request online. Received the e-mail saying that their sales department would be in touch soon. Radio silence. I sent e-mails. Called a jillion times.

No pick up. Phone line would drop. Used the Rebtel app. Called with the app and they picked up on about the 13th try. Spoke to a very nice woman. She found my original reservation request.

Said someone would be in touch with me later that day to confirm if the dates were available. Someone did e-mail me to confirm.

They requested some payment details, which I responded with, and the next day I got the weblink for payment which worked smoothly. No more stress. Glad to hear your booking saga finally came to an end, Stephen!

Good luck on your trek! Finally spoke with a woman at Vertice last Wednesday and received the same assurance that an email would be forthcoming. We are now undergoing the same stress you did 🙂 We are heading over to Patagonia the beginning of December.

We were able to book the campsites on Patagonia Sur and CONAF but are still waiting on a respons of Vertice Patagonia. I tried calling several times but nog answer… my Spanish is okay so I can manage but I never heard of the Rebtel app. So I just downloaded it.

Can you explain me how it works? or which phone number you called? Thanks for the useful blog, I found the information here more useful and up to date than that of any of the internet sites of the park managers. ThIs process has been a huge pain in the ass, hopefully in the future the three administrators will get their shit together, work together, with sole agencies to offer an easy booking system.

But for now we have to work with what we can. Good luck people, I hope others trying to navigate this mess in the low season have better luck than I did! Thanks for sharing these updates, Joshua! I had the same experience as everyone else. So I started calling after one week.

On the 3rd call which is one week after the first call, they finally confirmed availability on the phone and sent me the payment link through email. You have to hold them to check availability while you are on the phone.

But I have to say every lady who picked up my call was very nice. I found calling in the afternoon was easier to get through. Hey, I tried to make reservations on fantasticosur but its showing me ridiculous prices.. Anyone else getting the same? Am I doing something wrong?

Any tips? Nope, sadly these prices are right. God damn cutthroats. There you can find camp sites without platform and full board.

It is still 4. Las torres — 10k CLP Thanks for the incredibly useful post!! I wanted to know, is it possible to get the 2;30 from TDP to Puerto Natales and then onto El Calafate in the same day? Hi Laura. I am really at wits end with the booking process.

My original Vertice request was submitted on August 14 for which I received a confirmation email. Since then I have sent 26 follow up emails, 2 of which were in Spanish no hyperbole , and called the two different numbers 45 times over the course of the past 2 weeks again, no exaggeration here.

Two weeks ago I was able to speak with someone who was very helpful and nice and spoke amazing English. Unfortunately, two weeks ago this woman told me that she would send me an email for the payment by the next day.

Two weeks later I have still not received anything. Now though I only see Paine and Grey as options for locations. Now I am a bit panicked that sites have already booked. Does anyone have any insight?

I am usually not a huge planner when traveling but this obviously requires it. Is anyone aware of companies who will accept a fee to book? Any help will be appreciated! Going through the same thing. I have everything booked with Fantastico Sur, flights, etc.

However, I finally got a response last week by sending a message through their Facebook profile:. I will give your information to the sales team, in order to send you this week a confirmation of your request.

Please don´t send any other mail or request because that is one of the reason why we have a delay, people have sent more than one and we have thousand of them. Thanks for your patience. I have no idea what to do at this point. I share the same destiny as your.

I did the booking just 1. I called via my Skype Account, on which I have credit, but either the connection could not be established, or it broke down, or it ringed but no one picked up or the line was busy. I am already in Chile and today I tried it with an cellphone of a Chilean friend.

After another 20 call trials I finally came through and a woman spoke to me. Long story short, I told her I sent a reservation 1.

How does it help you? I send them a mail that I need them as well. But if you get through them on phone, mention you want to do the circular grande, and you want these campsites as well.

Maybe it exists an app for cellphones with which you can call free to landline phones in Chile. Hm, probably you just can keep on trying.

Hola Andre — gracias por el mensaje, ha sido super informativo!! Paso es con CONAF, creo, imagino que se estan mezclando entre si debido al caos de las reservas..

Yo tambien sin respuesta a mi correo original y estoy por llamarles por skype a ver si funciona…. Ahh…Hola Kate, sííí…he mesclado los campamentos. Vertice is Dickson y Los Perros, pero es no posible reservar estos en linea.

Vertice te va a enviar un email en cual ellos preguntan mas detalles: nombre, apellido, nationalidad, numero de pasaporte. Despues ellos enviarán un otro email con tu confirmación y un link por una pagina se llama WebPay. Aqui es posible por pagar con Paypal o tarjetas diferentes Visa, etc.

Y luego has pagado, un email automatico se envidado con una confirmación de pagar. Creó el ultimo email voy a imprimir y ojalá va a functionado 😉. Hola Andre! Thank you for your message! I had very good luck on Friday and received an email from Vertice after I also spoke with someone on The phone on Thursday.

I am very happy to hear that you also have had luck!! Thank you again! Hello Cara! I also tried to call Vertice multiple times but none of them got through… Do you have any tips on when might be a good time to call them?

Hi, my name is Choi Thank u for the great informations Im planning to visit torres del paine on 30th July, and Im wondering how i can book the campsites. And My budget is tight so can you recommend the cheapest way?

And I dont care about how long the camping takes. Thank You!! Hello Taylor, Thank you for the useful information. I plan to do the Trek W W-E between Nov 9th. and 13th. Any suggestions? Hi Sam, any luck on this? You can check back every few days and spaces usually come available.

I had additionally assumed that I would be packing my own meals for each and every day, but after emailing with Fantasticosur, I was told there is no option to book a reservation at Los Cuernos for example without also reserving meals and fullboard, since open cooking is prohibited. Does that sound right to you?

This is the most informative source of information I have found, thanks all! Why is this so difficult????? I have seen better organisation in drunken bar crawls across various European cities!

Granted, we were late in booking, Today we came across the following;. So far nothing booked, and I think this alone may force us to abort the whole of Torres del Paine. Night 2 : Camp Italiano- I managed to book it no problem, but my friend tried straight after and failed with the website claiming the camp is now full for that night…..

as even though we are sharing a tent, the booking clearly states 1 adult , surely it does not matter whether there is 1 or 2 people in the tent…. I have emailed to suggest this fact! Night 3: Paine Grande — My friend managed to successfully book Paine Grande for 2 people on the Vertices website….

What an absolute mess. Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can sort the problems above would be hugely appreciated! Hi Sia. Unfortunately, your options are Chileno for an exorbitant price or Torres Central for an early wakeup.

Check back! These sites have fluctuating availability and she will probably have luck if she checks back a few times a week.

Latest news is there is a 2 week delay. That being said, you should have a space reserved for you even if you take more than 48 hours to pay. GOod luck! I have had no response with regards to Camp Italiano allowing me to have a booking with a tent but claiming to be full when my friend attempted booking.

Hopefully they reply my email at some point, although my friend is confident that as we have bookings the night before and after Camp Italiano, and are staying the same tent, they should hopefully allow him passage.

The booking we made at Paine Grande with Vertice still stands as far as we are aware despite receiving no payment follow up email…….. Hey Sia, have you had any further luck? We have managed to book our first three nights and have had to shell out for Chileno , but are yet to get through to Vertice.

Has anyone had any luck booking Vertice sites for January , or is it all booked up? Cheers 🙂 T. If that is the case, what is the best campsite to use as an alternative? Hi Rachel. Chileno is the only closest to the Torres, but it is quite expensive to stay there and you have to book your site with full board.

Good luck with your trek. I though maybe I had made the wrong reservation, but after seeing your comment above, maybe not? What do you think? Hi Julia. Unfortunately, they kind of gouge you at those camps!

Good luck with the booking! and thus 4 hours back? Is it possible to get up to Torres for sunrise is this the location of the towers? and back down, and then onto Camp Italiano in one day? We will be two fairly fit guys aged ?? Hi Sia! After seeing sunrise, you could definitely make it from Torres to Italiano.

It will be a long one, but totally possible! I did the original booking request online with Vertice on 21 Aug, still no response from them I have emailed and I am now trying to ring everyday, most days it is just engaged Occasionally it rings, once a very nice woman answered and she found our booking request and said it would be 3 days, but that was 10 days ago.

All the other times it rings it just gets cut off. Cheers Fiona. Hi Cassie. I am doing a Torres Del Paine circuit starting the 25th of December if Vertice Patagonia ever replies to my emails or answers my calls.

Does anyone have any information regarding the availability of Camp Dickson, Camp Perros and Camp Paine in the final days of December? I got back off the trek yesterday 16 October and thanks so much for all the advice. Maybe I could add some up to date info. We booked about 3 weeks ago and had no problems with either Vertice or Fantastico.

They both replied with in a couple of days and even when we had to change our original dates it was no problem. Perhaps they are getting their act together at last and it is the quiet part of the season. I did however have a major problem with CONAF and could not contact them at all.

Good tent, brand new sleeping bag, cooking area is very good, you are in a warm room with dinning room attached and lots of power points for charging things. You need your own stove.

Day 2, walked to Los Cuernos in torrential rain. Italiano looks like a great spot to camp in good weather but in the rain it was miserable. They even stopped people going further up the Francis valley.

We preceded to Los Curnos, where we had again booked a set up tent, only to be told that the tents were not in use and that we would have to sleep in a lovely warm, dry dorm. This made 2 dripping hikers very happy. Staff were great here.

If you meet Paco say hi from me please. The tracks in the Vertice area are very well maintained with bridges over streams and walk ways over boggy bits. But in the Fantastico area you have to wade through streams and rivers very dangerous with the amount of rain we had and there is a very swampy area where people lost shoes, so wear boots.

Day 3 weather better but very windy. Almost got blown off the track near Chileno refuge. Again there was no extra charge. We cooked our selfs at P G but had to do the full board option at the other 2 and we felt that the food was very good.

My partner has dietary problems and she was very well looked after.

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